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We at Guangxi Chentian Metal Product Co.,Ltd. are proud to inform you about the new and amazing innovation in Tungsten Shot for hunting.

Just shoot It

Like a popular saying “nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow” as you shoot arrows into the air, draw not your bow till your arrow is fixed.


Make Riveting Enjoyable

New Tungsten Bucking Bar technologies have been introduced in efforts to reduce work place vibration exposures to workers. Tungsten are over twice as dense as normal steel, they absorb the shock allowing workers to rivet more effectively for a longer period of time. If the metal alloy is soft, the bucking bar will wear quickly or not provide the necessary assembly support.


When Everyone Health Matters

Here is a good news for you, because you’ve specialized in given five star care, you are dedicated to give exceptional care with uncompromising excellence to your patients.


<span style="font-weight: bold;">Tungsten Shot for Hunting</span>
Tungsten Shot for Hunting
At Guangxi Chentian Metal Product Co.,Ltd. we offer wide range product range which include; Tungsten Super Shot (TSS), Tungsten Cube Shotshell Reloading, Tungsten Point for Archery
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Tungsten Shielded Container for Vial Transport</span><br>
Tungsten Shielded Container for Vial Transport
We have various radiation shielding which include; Syringe Shield with or without lead glass window in their various sizes and forms, PET Syringe Shield, Tungsten Vial Shield with Magnetic Cap, Tungsten Unit Dose Pig, Tungsten PET/MR Syringe Shield and lots more.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Tungsten Alloy Bucking Bar</span>
Tungsten Alloy Bucking Bar
Tungsten Alloy Bucking Bars are made; to reduce the recoil when reflecting the impact back to the rivet gun shaft, to reduce vibration and kick back while riveting, to makes riveting easier and more enjoyable and many more.Make riveting enjoyable, visit our webpage today .
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